Soft loops used on gun holsters fabricated by Tap Rack Holsters and Custom Kydex that can be used to easily fasten custom kydex gun holsters to a Molle platform
Soft Belt Loops
January 12, 2016
Full Size 1.75" belt loops used on full size gun holsters fabricated by Tap Rack Holsters and Custom Kydex
OWB Standard Loops
January 12, 2016
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TRFSL/TRCSL – Light Holster

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Tap Rack Full Size Light (TRFSL) or Tap Rack Compact Size Light are the holster for weapons which have a barrel length of 3 inches or longer. The TRFSL or TRCSL holster are molded with .080 Kydex and we offer a wide range of color options. Mold injected full size belt loops comes standard with the holster, which accommodate belts from 1.75″ to 2″ or MOLLE connector. The holster is hand made to sit snug to the body for comfort and concealment. If you do not see your Make or Model of your pistol, please contact us directly with your specifications.


-Full Size Belt Loops will not fit on Tap Rack Compact Size Holsters (TRCS)

-Cloth Treatment is the lamination of cloth onto Kydex

-Cloth Treatment is only applied to the Front of the Holster only

-Cloth is laminated to the outside of the holster, not the inside

Additional Attachment Options:

Tap Rack Holsters offers hoods, Safariland QLS, and other various attachment options which are available for an extra fee. Call ahead of placing your order for pricing and availability!



Front Color * 

Back Color * 

Right or Left Hand * 

0 Degree or 10 Degree Cant * 

Body Shield * 

Extended Barrel * 

Belt Loop * 

1.50″ Belt Loops available on full size holsters only, not compact holsters

Cloth Treatment * 

Light Attachment * 

Pistol Model: Glock*

Stock molds are Generation 3 & 4. If you have a Generation 5 Glock please specify in the order notes!

Pistol Model: Smith and Wesson*

Pistol Model: Beretta*

Pistol Model: Walther*

Pistol Model: Sig Sauer*

Pistol Model: Springfield Armory*

Pistol Model: Heckler & Koch*

Pistol Model: 1911*

Pistol Model: Česká Zbrojovka (CZ)*

Pistol Model: Bersa*

Pistol Model: Fabrique National (FN)*

Pistol Model: Taser*


Our Custom Kydex Gun Holster Warranty:

At Tap Rack Holsters, we stand behind our products 100%. The majority of our custom Kydex gun holsters are formed using .080 Kydex. Molding .080 Kydex may take longer to build and is much harder to work with than other materials, but the final product is a gun holster that is damn near indestructible as a result of the extra effort. Our custom Kydex gun holsters have the simplest warranty that we could come up with. If it breaks or wears out, we will replace it free of charge. We continuously test our products to ensure they will meet any demand!
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4 reviews for TRFSL/TRCSL – Light Holster

  1. Kevin Ross

    Far the best kydex holster I have owned hands down. I have just about used or tried every similar style of kydex holster out on the market today. Owning many of these holsters I have had mostly unacceptable performance with the majority of them available today. Common problems from being over or under sized, mis-sized for the weapon/light combo or the attempt at having a gun/light holster that will fit different types of lights. All except Tap-Rack have unintentionally let the weapon/light fall out of the holster during movement. I use this holster from concealed to duty use, for swat and competition. I have never had my weapon fall out of this holster even under extreme movement over, under, around or inside an obstacle. This was conducted with the standard kydex retention and not using the supplied retention cord. It has surpassed all of my other similar styled kydex holsters which I have since relieved myself of their burden. Hands down the best holster on the market of this kind. You won’t be disappointed. Rob and Aaron care about their product, their customers as well as their reputation.


  2. William

    I’ve worn a lot of kydex holsters concealed for duty carry and this one is by farrrrrr the most sturdy, even when compared to the big names such as Raven Concealment holsters. The kydex seems stiffer and slightly thicker and it is molded to my G17 and Inforce APL with perfection. Highly recommend you try one out, especially for a much better price and shorter lead time than most companies as well. Great product!

  3. Tim (verified owner)

    Just arrived today 03/21/2015 for my Colt M45A1 with Stramlight TLR1, This is a awesome holster, fit is perfect, firearm does not fallout when upside down !!!, it’s thick unlike a few others I have looked at. Other companies couldn’t make one for the M45A1 but Tap Rack did. I put the holster on and placed the Colt in it and the Pony feels light on the hip. Can’t wait for July 11 to get here so I can give it a good run at a Gunsite 250 glass. I will be ordering a few more holsters and mag holsters from Tap Rack. Thank you Tap Rack one happy customer in Va.

  4. Bo K. (verified owner)

    I went with this company because other big kydex companies were no longer offering a holster in the configuration I need (1911 + TLR-1). So I found this company and I ordered a new holster for my Long Beach Operator with a TLR-1 on a Saturday. I called the following Tuesday and I learned TR had just got done with the mold and were shipping it the next day. I received the holster and a double mag pouch on Friday. This company was very quick to make my holster. After I received the holster, I inserted my 1911 in and the fit and retention was absolutely perfect. Both products looks great. TR also stamped their company’s name and “Made in 🇺🇸“ on the back side, which looks awesome! Great company and veteran owned!! I will definitely order from this company again. Semper Fidelis!

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