Each holster and magazine pouch has passed our strict multiple test process.  These are performed by industry professionals and are some of the most punishing tests in the industry. There is no test standards so we like to think them up and abuse the product so you don’t have to. We have run over our product, short hauled (STABO), conducted hoist insertions, competed in countless pistol competitions, conducted belt rip tests, low crawled through some of California’s worst terrain, and as of today our products have performed as expected.  At Tap Rack we know whether you are shooting a match, are a licensed CCW holder, Law Enforcement, serving in the military, that the product we build must perform each and every time no matter what you are doing.   Please visit our web page from time to time as we are continually adding new products.

Note: Photographs may not accurately represent your finished product, since every holster is custom made it may vary.

Approximate Lead time is 6 weeks due to current work load. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Accessories ship within 1-4 Days