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Hand Built For Hardcore Use

Tap Rack Holsters is a leading provider of premium, American-made, custom gun holsters.  Our products are the result of 40 plus years of experience, extreme attention to detail, and countless hours and dollars spent testing various materials and styles.  Every Tap Rack Holster is hand-crafted using extreme care and precision, and built to last because we’re dedicated to providing premium quality products our customers can rely on. 

The Difference

  • Premium Quality

  • Fully Functional

  • Completely Custom

  • Built For Extreme Use

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Custom Add-Ons

Don't Take Our Word For It

  • Art Ajemian
    Art Ajemian
  • Kevin Ross
    Far the best kydex holster I have owned hands down. I have just about used or tried every similar style of kydex holster out on the market today. Owning many of these holsters I have had mostly unacceptable performance with the majority of them available today. Common problems from being over or under sized, mis-sized for the weapon/light combo or the attempt at having a gun/light holster that will fit different types of lights. All except Tap-Rack have unintentionally let the weapon/light fall out of the holster during movement. I use this holster from concealed to duty use, for swat and competition. I have never had my weapon fall out of this holster even under extreme movement over, under, around or inside an obstacle. This was conducted with the standard kydex retention and not using the supplied retention cord. It has surpassed all of my other similar styled kydex holsters which I have since relieved myself of their burden. Hands down the best holster on the market of this kind. You won’t be disappointed. Rob and Aaron care about their product, their customers as well as their reputation.
    Kevin Ross
  • William
    I’ve worn a lot of kydex holsters concealed for duty carry and this one is by farrrrrr the most sturdy, even when compared to the big names such as Raven Concealment holsters. The kydex seems stiffer and slightly thicker and it is molded to my G17 and Inforce APL with perfection. Highly recommend you try one out, especially for a much better price and shorter lead time than most companies as well. Great product!
  • Hunter
    A great holster for a great price! I ordered one for my Gen 3 Glock 30. It showed up in the mail after about a week or so. It fits my gun like a glove. I carry the holster strong side between 4 and 5 o’clock. It is very comfortable to wear and adds minimal bulk to an already hefty gun. I would definitely buy another holster and recommend to anyone looking for one.
  • Wayne
    I purchased a TRCIWBH for my M&P 9mm. I love it. Carry it strong side between 4 and 5 o’clock and it is very comfortable to wear. I have already ordered another one of the same style for a different gun. Great people and great service at Tap Rack Holsters. If your looking for a great product , look no further than Tap Rack Holsters.
  • Anthony Guerra
    I have used my TR wallet for two years and its held up extremely well. It’s light weight and very convenient. My kid loves my wallet so much that he keeps trying to take it from me and he’s only 10!
    Anthony Guerra
  • James Harris
    Amazing magazine holster. So durable. Endures the most vigorous challenges you may encounter. Thank you TR for developing an unbeatable tool.
    James Harris
  • Kyle
    'This is my first holster ever, so I was really excited to see how it worked. This thing is pretty impressive. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than what I had seen from various videos on the internet. The construction seems solid. The kydex is clean and the edges are smooth. The belt loops seem to be made from a very durable polymer and fit perfectly. The retention that this holster offers is what really caught my attention. I was rolling all around, jumping up and down, sitting, rocking and reclining at all different angles trying to get my weapon to slip free from between the kydex – but the damn thing wouldn’t budge. I knew ahead of time that I didn’t want the hassle of a holster with a safety strap clipping my pistol into place. This TRCS Compact Holster’s ability to suck a firearm into its pocket works beautifully. I will definitely be returning for more. Finally, their customer service was remarkable. Rob called me twice during the process to keep me updated on the status of my order. Very professional. Thanks TapRack!"
  • Amanda Schuman
    "Great people, great products what more could you want?"
    Amanda Schuman
  • Kong Vu
    "Truly a custom Kydex custom shop.  Any color combo and special requests I have is accommodated.  I especially love the solid audible snap retention.  I will definitely be ordering more from these guys!"
    Kong Vu
  • Jim Jamie Somerville
    "Love the Holsters!  One of my favorite local business!"
    Jim Jamie Somerville
  • Brandon Ivy
    “If anyone is considering the idea of buying a holster from Tap Rack Holsters & Custom Kydex Inc., I highly recommend it! They are made with high quality and they provide great service! Thank you guys!”
    Brandon Ivy

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