Here at Tap Rack, we listen to our customers and provide custom holsters, magazine pouch, etc every time.  Each and every holster is handmade and we will continue to build each and every holster by hand.  As we move forward, please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve to our products, please call as we would like to hear it.

Have a question?  See our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us

What guns do you mold for?
Order status information
Call or email us and we will let you know.
Policies and Procedures (Including Warranty and Return)
Returns: We offer a 30 day return policy, no questions asked. If you are returning your items for a refund, you will be refunded the cost of the products you return. We will not refund shipping costs. Warranty: We offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on everything we make. If you have a warranty claim, please contact us. We will make the arrangements with you to get the product returned. Most warranty orders are turned around within two weeks. If you modify the product you will void the warranty (Changing the belt loops is ok). Shipping Liability: Tap Rack will not be responsible for an order once the package is out of our hands. Once an order has been charged the following cancellation fees apply: A $15.00 cancellation fee will be charged. To modify your order, please email us with your order number and a detailed description of the changes you need performed.
How do I update my billing information?
Our billing department is available 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. PST. Please have your order number ready and call them at 559.978.7521. We will be more than happy to help you update your information.
What are the different Sweat Guards?
We offer three sweat guard heights: small, medium and large. Depending on where you live and how much you sweat will help you decide what height you would like. The medium sweat guard is what comes standard and as long as you maintain (i.e. clean and lubricate) your firearm rust should never be an issue.
Which belt loops should I buy?
All of our holsters come standard with a 1.50” belt loops. That being said you can request to have 1.75”, 2.0” belt loops, or Inside the Waist Band (IWB) soft loops instead. Or if you want you can order additional belt loops at any time. The 1.50” belt loops work for most, but some of you may have specific needs for the larger sized belt loops or IWB loops. Please be advised we do not apply lock tight to the screws at the factory, however we Recommend using a lock tight on your screws once you've settled on a configuration you like. The reason for not applying lock tight is we want you the customer to decide on the location of your belt loops. Once you decide on the location of your belt loops apply a little (and we mean a little) lock tight and you will be good to go.
Will your holster wear the finish on my gun?
Yes, but it is important to remember firearms are tools and will show wear over time. Some firearms are collectables or family heirlooms, so it is important to remember when purchasing a holster for a firearm what is the purpose of the firearm. If you holster is dirty just simply use a mild dish washing detergent and wash it in cold water. Be sure to remember to dry it before putting your firearm back in it.
Will my firearm fit a holster designed for a different firearm?
Yes and No. A Glock 35 holster will fit a Glock 34, 22, 17, 23, and 19. A 3” or 4” 1911 will fit a 5” 1911 holster. All that being said we at Tap Rack recommend that you use the right holster for the firearm it is intended for. It is important to remember each and every one of our holsters is hand made for a specific firearm.
All about Safety/Decock Levers:
When ordering your holster please be specific on the model. This will ensure we build you the right holster for your firearm. Several manufactures now have various models that look the same but come with different safety/de-cocker configurations. Please use the comment section to describe what condition your firearm is in the holster.
All about weapon lights/lasers:
Surefire: The Surefire X200/X300/X300/X400 Ultra weapon lights come with two mounting options. If you pulled your light out of the box and used it no worries. If you used the "Rail Lock" or you are using a Surefire DG switch, please let us know in the comments at checkout so we can build the correct holster. FYI the X400 weapons light holster will not fit any other weapon light. Streamlight: The TLR-2 holsters will accept TLR-1 lights, not the other way around. If you are using a contour switch, please let us know in the comments at checkout so we can build the correct holster. Insight: Al we have is the M3X. Please call for availability of other models as we are continuously updating by purchasing new lights Other Lights/Lasers: If we do not have the light/laser model you need, please call us and we will do our best to take care of you.
Molding other pieces of equipment?
Yes we can, but it depends. Please call and we will discuss it and go from there.
I have a red dot on my slide, can you make a holster?
Yes, but we need to know what red dot/sight combination you are using and the location of your red dot.
I have a firearm you don’t list. Can you make a custom holster for it?
As of now No we cannot. However we are applying for our FFL. Once we have the FFL we will be more than willing to build you a custom holster. Please call to see if our FFL has been approved.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Minimum international shipping charge is $30.00 and includes insurance. Actual shipping fees will be adjusted based on the weight of your order. The majority of international orders ship for $30.00 to $35.00 USD.
Do you offer Law Enforcement/Military discounts?
Yes, we are happy to provide a 15% discount for LE/MIL customers. Please email info@taprackholsters.com from your official government email address for a 15% discount code before ordering. All discounts must be placed with order and cannot be given once order has been placed. For any size unit purchases please call our shop number 559-478-5475 before placing order.
How do I mount my holster/magazine pouches to MOLLE?
Using 550 Cord, Zip Ties, or the factory belt loops.
Are there any special care instructions with Kydex gear?
No, Kydex is a very robust material. It will not retain moisture and will clean easily with a quick rinse, or scrubbing of a nylon brush and a mild dish washing detergent if you feel the need. Just remember to dry the kydex before you put your firearm or equipment back in it. REMEMBER extreme heat is not the friend of kydex. If you leave your holster in your car on a hot summer day you may be in for a big surprise. Please call if this happens and we will be glad to see what we can do for you.
I have additional questions not covered in this FAQ, what should I do?
Please call us or email us. We will always take the time to answer any questions you may have. Just remember we are a small company and it may take up to 24 hours to get back in touch with you.