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January 12, 2016
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TRCS – Compact Holster

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Tap Rack Compact Size (TRCS) is the holster for weapons which have a barrel length of 3 inches or longer. The TRCS holster is molded with .080 Kydex and we offer a wide range of color options.  Mold injected full size belt loops comes standard with the holster, which accommodate belts from 1.5″ to 1.75″ or MOLLE connector. The TRCS holster are hand made to sit snug to the body for comfort and concealment. If you do not see your Make or Model of your pistol, please contact us directly with your specifications.


–Compact Size Belt Loops will not fit on Tap Rack Full Size Holsters (TRFS)

-Cloth Treatment is the lamination of cloth onto Kydex

-Cloth Treatment is only applied to the Front of the Holster only

-Cloth is laminated to the outside of the holster, not the inside

Additional Attachment Options:

Tap Rack Holsters offers hoods, Safariland QLS, and other various attachment options which are available for an extra fee. Call ahead of placing your order for pricing and availability!



Front Color * 

Back Color * 

Right or Left Hand * 

0 Degree or 10 Degree Cant * 

Body Shield * 

Extended Barrel * 

Belt Loop * 

Cloth Treatment * 

Pistol Model: Glock*

Stock molds are Generation 3 & 4. If you have a Generation 5 Glock please specify in the order notes!

Pistol Model: Smith and Wesson*

Pistol Model: Beretta*

Pistol Model: Walther*

Pistol Model: Sig Sauer*

Pistol Model: Springfield Armory*

Pistol Model: Heckler & Koch*

Pistol Model: 1911*

Pistol Model: Česká Zbrojovka (CZ)*

Pistol Model: Bersa*

Pistol Model: Fabrique National (FN)*

Pistol Model: Taser*


Our Custom Kydex Gun Holster Warranty:

At Tap Rack Holsters, we stand behind our products 100%. The majority of our custom Kydex gun holsters are formed using .080 Kydex. Molding .080 Kydex may take longer to build and is much harder to work with than other materials, but the final product is a gun holster that is damn near indestructible as a result of the extra effort. Our custom Kydex gun holsters have the simplest warranty that we could come up with. If it breaks or wears out, we will replace it free of charge. We continuously test our products to ensure they will meet any demand!
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7 reviews for TRCS – Compact Holster

  1. Kyle

    The TRCS Compact Holster for my Glock 23 arrived in the mail today. This is my first holster ever, so I was really excited to see how it worked. This thing is pretty impressive. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than what I had seen from various videos on the internet. The construction seems solid. The kydex is clean and the edges are smooth. The belt loops seem to be made from a very durable polymer and fit perfectly. The retention that this holster offers is what really caught my attention. I was rolling all around, jumping up and down, sitting, rocking and reclining at all different angles trying to get my weapon to slip free from between the kydex – but the damn thing wouldn’t budge. I knew ahead of time that I didn’t want the hassle of a holster with a safety strap clipping my pistol into place. This TRCS Compact Holster’s ability to suck a firearm into its pocket works beautifully. I will definitely be returning for more. Finally, their customer service was remarkable. Rob called me twice during the process to keep me updated on the status of my order. Very professional. Thanks TapRack!


  2. Gregg

    I guess I purchased some first gen Tap Rack holsters for my 1911 and extra mag. I went by the shop to get additional screws / nuts and see if I could swap the belt loops out from the 1.5 to the 1.75 (fully prepared to pay for it!) But the guys in the shop did not charge me, installed the new loops for me and recognized damage to both holsters where cracking began around the trigger guard area. Again, fully prepared to purchase new gear (as my life depends on it as many of yours does) but again the shop team said you have a lifetime guarantee and said they would rebuild both holsters and have them forme the following day! I’ve never seen customer service like that. They could have charged me and honestly with how happy I was with their product for years, gladly of paid for it! That’s integrity!!! They don’t know this, but I’m now changing out the 60 investigators in my command to their rig and going away from Blackhawk (provided the individual wants it) I’ve had numerous team members comment and ask where they can get holsters like mine and I will continue to preach TapRack in my circles. Thanks guys!

  3. Patrick Baker (verified owner)

    Ordered my second double mag holder for my xd this one is not as tall as my original one I bought for you less kydex to hold my mags not sure why the difference in size ?

    • TapRack

      Patrick, Thanks for ordering your double mag carrier. We here at Tap Rack have done some redesigns for most of our products. In truth we are always striving to make our products better. That being said we hope that you like the new mag carrier. If not please let us know how we can make this better for you as the customer is who we aim to please with our products. Team TapRack

  4. Edward

    I have been using one of these for my duty carry since about May 2017. G23. I like that it rides high and unlike leather, it doesn’t loosen up over time and push away from my side. It is comfortable to wear, retains the frame very well and because of where it sits on my body, most people have no clue I am carrying it. I use it when off duty as well if carrying my service weapon. The quality seems very good. I don’t expect any problems with this holster anytime soon. I had a Kydex about 15 years ago for a different pistol. The fit was a joke. The maker shall go unnamed. This technology (or maybe the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the designers) has come a long way. After blowing out a few leather holsters and not being happy with the inconsistency of the draw due to the quality of the hardware used, I decided to give Kydex a try again so I could have something with out a snap type retention. Glad I found this holster at the local LEO supply store.

    • TapRack

      Hello Edward,

      We all here at Tap Rack Holsters would like to thank you for you comments and giving us the opportunity to be of service in your firearms holster needs. We do strive to put out a product that we would want to carry and expect no less for everyone else. It is payback for us to hear our customers satisfied with design, craftsmanship and the functionality of our holsters and products.

      So Edward, Thank You and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
      With respect,
      Team Tap Rack

  5. Christian Mears

    I bought a holster from Tap Rack for my CZ P-01 a handful of months ago. I’ve put 1000+ rounds through that P-01 since buying this holster. It’s gone with me to several multi-day handgun courses. Every range I take it to people ask me where I got it and complement me on it. It is comfortable and durable, and it just works. The guys at Tap Rack have an amazing turn around time and even better level of craftsmanship. True professionals. Thanks guys, you and your products are really awesome!

  6. Nathaniel Simpson (verified owner)

    Just received my product today and at first glance it looks very well made. I was also very impressed by the quick production time and shipping. I very much look forward to using my new gear and they will definitely get some repeat business from me . The only negatives are the lack of a tracking number for my shipment and the amount of Kydex shavings that are inside the packaging ( They fell all over the gun I had sitting out to to try in my new holster.

  7. jerry Haynes

    These guys have made about six holsters for me,five owb one of the owb was for a m45a1,at that time it was hard to find one.really heavy duty,one of a kind they made for me,got one in mail today that’s the TRCS going to order another.

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