TRTEG – Trigger Extended Guard
January 12, 2016
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TRTG – Trigger Guard Holster


Tap Rack Trigger Guard (TRTG) is a holster designed for those who want to carry inside the waist without have a full size holster.  This holster is highly recommended for those of you that stuff your pistol down the front of your pants.  The pistol can be worn without fear of it discharging as a result of something catching on the trigger.  If the holster is worn correctly, once you draw the pistol the holster will detach from the pistol.  Re-holstering is as simple as placing the pistol back in the holster and reinserting into the waist band.


-7″ Black 5/50 chord is provided with holster

-Trigger Extended Guard is additional protection on the slide of the pistol

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